Reflections on and memories from Morebotics' first season!

During the build season, I learned many new things that I never imagined to learn. I learned about pneumatics and how they can make the robot loft. My team has been in many situations when building the robot, like placing a holder for the battery on the robot. The bumpers were also difficult because we had to measure precisely where to attach them to the robot. Also during the build season I made many new friends. Making new friends during build season is good because you will feel like you belong in the team and you won't feel alone.


During the MakeShift robotics build season at St Mary's, I have made new friends, learned new things, and had a generally enjoyable time. I am a member of the programming team and had an enjoyable time learning and applying new skills and techniques I learned from the helpful and knowledgeable mentors at St Mary's CSS. The experience I have gained from stopping and solving problems and becoming a better programmer because of it.


During the robotics build season, we  had a lot of problems and a whole lot of solutions. It was a lengthy experience culminating in a robot I'm proud our team could create. There were a couple times that we had just solved a problem, then right after found ourselves in another. Whether it was code, electrical, pneumatics; there was always a problem. We took it step by step, problem by problem until it was done. Of course, this was with much help from MakeShift, and there is no way we could have completed our robot without their help.


A lot of people I talk to about robotics aren't really familiar with the sport. And when I explain it, I try not to focus on the season challenge or all our troubles with this technical thing or that. I tell them that robotics is about more than just what our robot can do. Yes, it is the center of our work, but it all comes together to mean so much more. Through the building of the robot, solving problems, and communicating within and outside of our team, we form a strong community that is ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way. There is a place for every interest in robotics, and every day we learn something new. It is truly incredible to see our hard work pay off in our robot and to be able to celebrate it with friends!


I am on the business side of robotics, however I have also been able to explore different aspects such as pneumatics, I helped create the team introduction video, and I've learned a lot of new skills. Now, robotics is not just a club for me, it is also a valuable life opportunity that I will never forget.
I was on the business side of robotics. I helped make the website and Powtoon video and I also documented the build season in a video. I was really nervous at the beginning of the season but it now feels like a second home. Every team member has a valuable and appreciated role.