Highlights of 7623: The Rookie Chronicles

Check out what we've been up to! (with photos!)

STEMley Cup

The STEMly Cup is an annual off-season event hosted by MakeShift and Celt-X in Hamilton, Ontario. 32 teams attended the fourth annual STEMley Cup Championship. MakeShift 4039 provided Morebotics with a robot, a coach, and a tech crew. 7623 "Morebotics" won the Buoyant Break Away award and were alliance captain number 7. Team 7623 had chosen team 4618, Newman Robotics, as an alliance. Morebotics competed in qualification matches as well as three matches in the quarter finals. This was our first team event and it gave us our first glimpse into the FRC world! It helped us prepare for future competitions and increased our awareness of what goes on in tournaments. We had a fantastic day of learning and are very excited to begin our first season!

The drive team lining up before a match

Robot 7623 on the field about to power up

Morebotics drive team focused on the match with the help of MakeShift coach Liz


Team Morebotics attended SWATPOSIUM in December 2018, an annual robotics conference hosted by Team 771. It brought together nearly 40 FRC teams from both Canada and the U.S. for a day of guest speakers, workshops, and social activities.

FIRST Lego League Qualifier

FIRST Lego League (FLL) Qualifier is a robotics competition for elementary school students. FLL 2018 was the first FLL competition Morebotics attended. Our team showed leadership and community involvement by volunteering for the competition. Through contributing and helping with the event, we were able to learn skills that we will use within our own team. We enjoyed the FIRST Lego League Competition very much and are also proud to say Jordan Peters, a member of 7623, received the Young Adult Mentor Award for his work mentoring the team at St. Michael Elementary School.  

Jordan Peters (center) with teammates Enrico (left) and  Harshini (right) receives his Coach/Mentor Award

Morebotics Bake Sale

The Morebotics Bake Sale was hosted at our home school, St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School, in December. It was Team 7623's first fundraiser. We cooked up many delicious and unique treats such as cheesecake bites, marshmallow bars, and pizza cookie. Morebotics is glad to say that our fundraiser was not only successful, but also raised awareness of our robotics team and recruited new members.

Team 7623 baking delicious treats for the bake sale

FIRST Kickoff

The 2019 FIRST Robotics Kickoff was held on Saturday January 5th 2019 at St Mary's Catholic Secondary School. Four teams from different schools participated in the event: MakeShift, BT Robotics, STEAM Team, and Morebotics. Everyone enthusiastically embraced the spirit of FIRST. Anxiousness to find out the challenge as well as excitement for the upcoming season filled the atmosphere. The moment everyone had waited for finally arrived and the challenge was revealed! The 2019 First Robotics challenge is Destination: Deep Space presented by the Boeing Company. All the teams worked together as they read the game manual and identified important details. Kickoff started the teams into their journey through the season, it also was the starting point for the courtesy we will see throughout the season and the skills we will develop.

Destination: Deep Space Challenge

HWCDSB Science and Engineering Fair

Morebotics 7623 attended the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board (HWCDSB) Annual System Science and Engineering Fair. Team members had the opportunity to join MakeShift 4039, Celt-X 5406, BT Robotics 6342, and SJB Odyssey 6878 in presenting in front of hundreds of elementary students. This was the first presentation Morebotics has done! Students shared their experience as a FRC rookie team and showcased “Supernova,” our competition robot.

Nick, Qais, and Harshini present at the science fair.

Humber College Competition

Morebotics participated in their first regional competition on the weekend of March 9th at Humber college. We discovered our strengths and persisted through many challenges for a fun day of matches. It was a great learning experience that truly showed us the spirit of FIRST and the enthusiasm of the teams participating. The entire team showed gracious professionalism and embraced the spirit of the tournament. Overall it was a successful competition!

McMaster University Competition

Our home town competition! We had a great time at McMaster and are so honoured to have received the Highest Rookie Seed Award and Rookie All Star Award, qualifying us to compete for the award at the provincial level.